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I have links to search engines, other cool sites, and there will be more stuff soon. If you want me to put a site on this page, email me at and tell me the name of your website and I will put it on my site if it is a cool site.

Here's Some Search Engines
Google This search engine is awesome. It has a lot of sites.
Ask Jeeves Jeeves is pretty awesome. Ask him a question and he will answer it for you.
Yahoo! Yahoo is pretty sweet. It has like over 25000 catagories or something.
Alta Vista I don't know what alta vista means but it sounds cool. You will find a lot of stuff here.

Other Sites! At pogo you can play really cool games. It's free and you could win a lot of money. I go there all the time and play the games.
Freeservers  This is where I created this website. It's free unless you want the deluxe package and stuff to make your site better.
Gamespot This site is cool. They have great reviews and stuff. If you love video games, go there.
HTML Gear Here you can get add-ons for your website. Some of them are: a guestbook(I got my guestbook there) Polls, And other cool stuff. Go there.
Ebay On this site you can buy a lot of cool stuff. You can even buy monkey stuff! check out this site. I bought some things there and it's safe and stuff. This is Microsoft's official XBox site. It's pretty hip. They have the latest news and stuff. Check it out. This site is freakin' hilarious! Make sure you go to the john before you go here 'cause you might just wet yourself. The site is semi-stupid animations. They're so stupid they're funny.
Sports Card Forum This site is really cool. If you like baseball, football, basketball, hockey, or any other sports cards, you must go here. Here you can get points to buy stuff in the store there. You get 50 points Just for signing up! You can trade cards with other people or trade them for points! This is a great site.
Baltimore Orioles

The best team in any sport!(Except for the Philadelphia Eagles) This website is excellent.